Our original technology leads the Thai press machine maintenance industry

Company belief

ENSHIN was established during the year 1996 in Thailand. We went into Thailand at a time when maintenance technology of the press machine had not yet grow up or contributed to Thai industrial development. We now do business with the makers of automobiles and household appliances. We have created a strong trust with a wide range of customers, including communications equipment companies and instrument makers.

ENSHIN'S primarily policies are "we respond swiftly to the requests of our clients" and "offer the best services at a reasonable price". In addition to that, we deal with imported used press machine sales, and have a good reputation as a "complete maintenance, low price" company.
ENSHIN will lead the Thai press machine maintenance industry by using our experience and original technologies built in Japan. We will keep up with this modern know-how and technology for many years into the future.

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ENSHIN is a professional press machine organization.
If it involves a press machine, please do not hesitate to ask us any questions.
ENSHIN owns OTA YOSHIO MACHINE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. in Japan. It is a highly influential company in the industry and has been in business for more than 50 years, dealing with the sale and maintenance of press machines.
We can cope with all classes of mechanical press machines from 25t to the 1,000t class.
We are rich in experience with the maintenance of press machine makers such as; Komatsu, Aida Engineering, Ltd., Amada, Washino, CHING HONG (Taiwan) etc.
We perform an annual periodic medical examination, according to the specific voluntary inspection list that the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare makes.
ENSHIN knows a used press machine well.
We offer trusted and low priced products to our customers!
We purchase used press machines of high quality from Japan. We exhibit each maker's model of, up to 200t class. Please take a first step in satisfying your industrial needs, by visiting our company factory. You won't be disappointed.
We check machines right before delivery to a purchaser's factory, making sure the machines are ready for shipment. We will be at your factory for the installation and a trial run, so that you will be able to use the machines from the day of delivery!
ENSHIN believes that " manpower is an asset".
We emphasize the training of Thai staff.
We have four Japanese staff (two reside in Thailand) and 3 - Thai technical staff. We established our reputation by having high tech quality products. We also gained trust from our customers by the speedy services of ENSHIN.
Our people support the technology. The maintenance business of press machines involves having yourself get "dirty". Within Thailand, this type of maintenance job is not really desirable. However, we create motivation by sending Thai technical staff to Japan for ENSHIN training regularly. These training sessions are for the future transfer of high quality Japanese technology to Thailand.
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Head office address 188/188 MOO.4 T. Bang Bo A.Bangphrieng Samutprakarn 10560,Thailand
TEL +66-2-1364281
FAX +66-2-1364284
Established August 1996
Capital 8,000,000 Bhats (49% Japan, 51% Thai)
Person in charge Mr.JUNYA ISHIGAMI
Number of employees total of 21 ( 3 Japanese and 18 Thai)
Business contents 1.maintenance and after-sale service
2. Sales of used press machines
3. Die design, production and maintenance Factory
size 650m2
Web E=Mail


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