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(1) New facility introduction
On production line construction, we support the needs of our customers with the latest precision machinery. Primarily, we provide press- working machinery and machines that involve laser processing. We introduce, and support the necessary machinery to satisfy all your industrial needs.
(2) Used machinery
We offer used machinery to realistically construct a production system with low costs to conform to your budget. We offer high quality products, which our engineers have entirely revitalized, applying full use of our modern technology. You can rely on us when you have limited time for setting up. We can set up rapidly because we have reliable bases in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, equipped with substantial materials and a support staff lineup outside of Japan.


A production base requires a stable production line - that is the basic condition. Therefore the maintenance of the machinery becomes an important point. We offer everything from periodic general maintenance to precise emergency repairs. Because our local engineers are educated and trained in our original methods, and our local staff has a high level of technical knowledge, we have confidence in our in-house communications as well.


In the production base, it is always necessary to evolve, aiming at increased promotion of efficiency. We make use of the know-how, which we have accumulated. We offer advice, which helps with the problems of the production base. At the same time, we provide various logical support suggestions.

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