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Ota Yoshio Machines Industry, Co. Ltd. (we), understands the importance of personal information protection, the collection of personal information and it’s appropriate use and safe management. We perform the following actions related to personal information.

  1. 1.We observe the Personal Information Protection Laws.
  2. 2.We acquire personal information in situations such as the recruitment of employees and while researching the business activities of others. On these occasions, we acquire personal information by legitimate and fair methods.
    When we directly acquire personal information from a visitor using our services, we clarify the use and purposes to them as a general rule.
    We don’t use acquired personal information beyond a reasonable range of purposes that we have already informed the visitor.
  3. 3.Without our obtaining the user’s consent, unless obliged by a legal court; we do not offer personal information to a third party. This happens only if the following situations occur.
    • * When there is a request based on provider responsibility restrictions method ( compensation for damages - The responsibility of the specific telecommunications labor provider related to a law about the disclosure of information).
    • * When requested by a prosecutor, the police or other competent authorities, those who are involved in legally related matters.
    • * When necessary for our delegated parties to accomplish their tasks, they can use personal information that is necessary to accomplish these tasks. We cannot use the information concerned except for the purpose of account accomplishment.
    • * When we are sued about our services, we submit it to a court of laws as a suit document, if necessary
    • * When the user, other human life, or property are in danger, and there is an urgent necessity
  4. 4.We use personal information for the following purposes after having obtained the user's consent.
    • * When we analyze the situation and it shows the information is of interest and may improve our service
    • * When it is necessary to offer our service adequately
    • * When we analyze information about the user and must share some details with a third party, to better explain and make use of the information to help accomplish the accounts’ project.
    • * When we take an answer of the survey to the user and analyze it and offer survey, we use the analyzed data as services. At this chance there cannot be the thing disclosing information specifying an individual.
    • * When we do important news or a notice about the service to a user, we consider the agreement of our services as originally contracted. In addition, we use address information if necessary.
    • * When we are the third party to the service
  5. 5.We take an appropriate information security measure to prevent the loss of the personal information, destruction and a leakage of information.
  6. 6.When they consign duties to an outside company about collection, the use of personal information, safekeeping or processing, we supervise such a trusted, potential company adequately.
  7. 7.When we receive requests for disclosure about possession personal data from a person, we investigate it immediately and reply with pre-appointed procedures.(Procedures for information disclosure)
  8. 8.We record the information such as the pages of the IP address, cookie information and user read receipt server material from the browser of the user, automatically.
    The preference of the user lets you customize information on our site, and we use a cookie for you to use our site easily. By setting the browser, we can refuse receipt of the cookie, but in that case, the service does not normally work well.
  9. 9.When we click a link to the third party on each site we administer, a banner ad or a text advertisement or other site, a cookie is sent to the computer of the user. These cookie uses have different policies at each site, so we cannot take responsibility in these cases. In addition, we cannot take responsibility about handlings or the collection of personal information performed in a net or link and the site of the third party being linked to. Please confirm the policies of each third party companys’ homepages.
  10. 10.If you have an inquiry about our privacy policy, please contact us to Please understand that direct visits to our office for these matters cannot be accepted.
  11. 11.We may revise the whole or part of this privacy policy. When there is an important change, we inform everyone at the top of our administration website.

October 1st, 2007
Ota Yoshio Machine Industry co.,ltd.

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